China manufacturer #35 Chain Sprockets with Hot selling

Select from a wide variety of #35 roller chain sprockets. We carry taper bushed, H-bushed, A-plate, B-hub, C-hub and split designs. Find idler parts in our sprocket collection too. Our parts can be universally swapped in almost any system, which gives you the ultimate choice in versatility. Each sprocket comes with hardened steel that ensures your system’s success as it operates day in and day out. USA Roller Chain even has varied tooth quantities to fit your application. From 15 to more than 50 teeth, #35 sprockets will keep your machine running.

Downtime due to a sprocket can be costly, so keeping your equipment up and running is essential. This is why our ANSI Standard 35 sprockets are made to extremely high-precision tolerances and are put through an extensive quality check (QC) before being packaged and ready to use. We do this because 35 chain sprockets are the second smallest sprocket that is manufactured per The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and falls within the B29.1 standards, and it’s best practice to use high-precision tolerances because loose tolerances on smaller sprockets can result in excessive wear and performance degradation. Our sprockets use high-strength steel alloys with black oxide coating on most sprockets. Heat-treating is also used to harden sprockets that are 30 teeth and under. These sprockets are set to be used on 3/8″ pitch #35 roller chain, and because they meet ANSI B29.1 standards, they also directly interchange with other brands!

Standard #35 Sprockets

  • A-Plate
  • B-Hub
  • Taper Bushed
  • QD Bushed
  • H-Bushed
  • Ball Bearing Idler
  • Stainless Steel & Plastic Materials

Custom #35 Sprockets

  • C-Hub
  • Split
  • Bushed Idler
  • Non-Standard Tooth Counts
  • Aluminum Material


#35 A-Plate Sprockets

#35 B-Hub Sprockets

#35 Taper-Bushed Sprockets

#35 QD Type Sprockets

#35 H Bushed Sprockets

#35 Idler Sprockets